Name Email Interest Office Hours
Allgaier, Katie Latin poetry, plants and witchcraft in Greco-Roman Literature, Reception  

Bohan, Michael Roman Elegy, Ancient Friendship Theory and Its Practice, Ciceronian Philosophy  
Brakebill, Jacob Greek Tragedy, Magic in the Ancient World, Papyrology, Comparative Mythology  
Carpenter, Robert Politics, Obscenity, and Sexuality in Attic Comedy  
Claiborn, Chuck (he/him) Lyric Poetry, Choral Lyric, Chorus, and Tragedy"  
Czujko, Stephen (he/him) Aegean Late Bronze Age Archaeology, Mycenaean Pottery, Archaeometry  

D'Acri,  Mattia (he/him) Pre-Roman Archaology in Italy, Magna Graecia Archaeology, Pottery  
Cleo Elizabeth-Robertson Digital Archaeology, Roman Cult Religion, Spatial Mapping, Roman Britain and the Auxiliaries  
Farahay, Bridget (she/her) Reception, Intersections of Gender, Race, and Sexuality in Classics Pedagogy, Shakespeare  
Harder, Matthew (he/him) Roman Archaeology, Landscape Archaeology, GIS, Digital Humanities  

Martinez, Gabriel Pre-Roman Italy, Roads, Fortifications  

Miklas, Kell    
Mallinson, Kristine (she/her)

Aegean Bronze Age Archaeology, Cultural Interaction, Ancient Religion, Pottery  
Caitlyn Pallas Radiocarbon Dating, Isotopic Analyses, Archaeometry, Roman mortar, Ancient Climatology, Ancient Disease  
Proffitt, Brittany (she/her) Roman Archaeology, Decorative Programs in Domestic Contexts, Spatial Analysis, and Metal Small Finds  
Prosch, Emily (she/her) Greek Archaeology, Early Iron Age and Archaic Greece, Ritual and Religion  
Jessica Vogel Late Republic & early Empire Roman Law, early Christianity, Golden Age Roman Poetry, Apocalyptic literature, gender and sexuality