The Department of Classics, Archaeology, and Religion (CAR) at the University of Missouri has available up to four (4) teaching assistantships for students interested in pursuing a Master’s and/or PhD Degree in Classical Languages and Literature and/or Classical Arts and Humanities. These assistantships come with a stipend, remission of tuition fees, and health benefits. They may also be combined with fellowships from departmental, school or university sources.

Within CAR, the Ancient Mediterranean Studies program is home to interdisciplinary research on the history of the people, texts, and material culture from the Greek and Roman world. The Classical Languages program is especially known for its focus on 5th and 4th century Greek literature, Latin Poetry of the Late Republican, Augustan, and Flavian periods, and the history and literature of Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages. The program in Classical Arts and Humanities offers an interdisciplinary approach, combining coursework on Ancient Greece and Rome and an outside area of the candidate’s choice (e.g., Black Studies, Creative Writing, Digital Humanities, Music, Reception Studies, Theatre, Visual Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies).

Students will enjoy close faculty mentorship and a significant degree of freedom in crafting their academic plan. The department fosters collaboration between its colleagues in Classics and Archaeology within Ancient Mediterranean Studies as well as with colleagues in the Religious Studies program and allied faculty in other departments including History, Philosophy, and Anthropology. By cultivating language, writing, and research skills, MA students will develop a competitive portfolio for applying to doctoral programs, and PhD students the training and preparation to pursue careers both within and outside of academia.

For more information about our program requirements and about the application process please see the Application and Admissions page on this website: The department is committed to creating an inclusive environment and welcomes applications from underrepresented students. The application deadline to be considered for funding is January 15, 2022.