Deadline to be considered for assistantships and graduate fellowships – January 15 annually

The department accepts applications for internal AMS summer travel fellowships February - April, but will also accept applications for summer programs with earlier application deadlines (e.g., December or January). The amount of the fellowship will depend on the amount requested, but such awards typically do not exceed $2,000.

Applications for summer travel fellowships should include a brief description of what you will be doing, the location, travel dates, and purpose of the trip, and why it is necessary for your course of study. Please provide a budget of projected expenses and a list of additional sources of funding you have requested and/or received. Preference will be given to applicants who have applied for external (extradepartmental) funding. Applications should be submitted to the Director of Graduate Studies.

NEW!! The department now accepts applications from all AMS graduate students for conference travel (paper presentation required) at other times of the year. The maximum award for these fellowships is $500. To apply, please submit to the Director of Graduate Studies an application that includes the same materials required for the summer travel fellowships, as indicated above (description, dates, budget, etc.). Please note that, should you be awarded a conference travel fellowship and a summer travel fellowship in the same academic year, the amount of the former fellowship may be subtracted from the amount awarded for the latter.

Assistantships in Ancient Mediterranean Studies

Our teaching assistantships offer a wide range of teaching opportunities. Students assist professors in large lecture or writing-intensive courses, lead discussion sections, or team-teach with faculty in the introductory Latin sequence. Students may also teach their own classes, as they become available; these include classes in the introductory Latin sequence, Greek and Latin in English (AMS 1050), and (typically in the summer session) Classical Mythology (AMS 1060), The Ancient Greeks (AMS 2100), or The Ancient Romans (AMS 2200). Opportunities for online teaching and course development are also available.

Research assistantships occasionally become available to AMS graduate students. Such assistantships may involve working closely with AMS faculty in a research-capacity or (for archaeology students, in particular) an internship in Archaeometry at the MU Research Reactor.

Ancient Mediterranean Studies Graduate Fellowships and Scholarships

Three-month, semester, or full-year award for travel for graduate students studying archaeology.

A scholarship to support travel of AMS graduate students who are participating in the summer program of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens or in an equivalent program.

A one-year fellowship to support completion of a Classical Languages dissertation. The successful candidate teaches at the “half-time” (.25) level in each semester but receives “full-time” (.5) funding for the academic year.

A fellowship supporting AMS graduate student travel.

A fellowship recognizing and encouraging outstanding graduate students in archaeology whose aptitudes and attitudes demonstrate a desire to pursue a lifelong professional career (not necessarily academic) in the field of archaeology.

A scholarship to support travel for graduate students in AMS language programs.

A fellowship awarded for one year of graduate study to newly admitted graduate students in AMS who have exhibited special merit or to support travel related to long-term study or research of current graduate students.

A fellowship awarded annually to full-time graduate students studying archaeology.

An annual award for outstanding graduate students with a strong commitment to classical archaeology.

An annual award, renewable for up to three years, for graduate students studying archaeology, with preference of renewal given to those whose financial circumstances would otherwise prevent them from continuing graduate studies. Eligibility: students who have completed at least 24 credit hours of study in archaeology at the university level.

A fellowship to cover expenses related to conducting archaeological research abroad. Preference shall be given to doctoral students in archaeology who propose to conduct a year of dissertation research abroad.

Eligibility: the most highly ranked fellowship nominee who is a U.S. citizen, newly accepted into a doctoral degree program in any field, and a member of an underrepresented ethnic minority population.

This fellowship provides a supplement to an already-existing research or teaching assistantship in the final year of the student’s doctoral work.

Eligibility: doctoral students in any field.

Eligibility: doctoral students in any field.

Eligbility: newly admitted master’s students from underrepresented ethnic minority populations.

This program provides merit scholarships for graduate students in any field.

Eligibility: US citizens who have been newly admitted to a master’s degree program at MU in any field.

Eligibility: qualified underrepresented minority graduate students in any field.

Eligibility: doctoral students in any field.

This fellowship provides a supplement to an already-existing research or teaching assistantship in the final year of the student’s doctoral work.

Funds Awarded by MU Graduate Student Organizations