Dan Hooley
Professor Emeritus of Classical Studies

Dan Hooley was educated at Minnesota where he received an MA in Latin and doctorates in English Literature and Classics. He taught for periods at Carleton College, Princeton University, and Allegheny College before coming to Missouri in 1992. His primary research interests are Roman verse satire and classical reception, and he has written articles, book chapters, and reviews in those areas as well as in translation studies and the occasional piece on rock and mountain climbing. His books include The Classics in Paraphrase: Ezra Pound and Modern Translators of Latin Poetry (1988), The Knotted Thong: Structures of Mimesis in Persius (1997); and Roman Satire in Blackwell's Introductions to the Classical World series (2007). In retirement, he is still keeping a hand in his academic work while being a little more generous to his other preoccupations: the environment, climbing, and otherwise getting out.


Ph.D. [Classics], Ph.D. [English] Minnesota


Roman satire, later Latin, classical reception, translation studies

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