David Schenker
Associate Professor of Classical Studies
201 Swallow Hall

I've been here at MU since 1991, after spending two years at Allegheny College in Pennsylvania. My B.A. is from Vanderbilt, my M.A. and Ph.D. from Berkeley, with a year of high school teaching between Tennessee and California.
My teaching has ranged widely in our Classical Humanities offerings and right through the Greek curriculum, from first semester Greek to seminars on the tragedians (alone and in combinations), Plato, and other configurations of Greek literature. I also enjoy participation in the Honors College whenever possible.

My primary research interests have been in Greek literature of the 5th and early 4th centuries, especially tragedy and the dialogues of Plato. A co-edited Companion to Greek Literature (Wiley-Blackwell) came out last year. Other projects, primarily in the area of reception, await completion of my term as department chair.


Greek tragedy and Plato

  • Classical Mythology, Writing Intensive 
  • Greek language courses
  • The range of Classical Humanities courses that focus on the Greeks.
Select Publications

Martin Hose and David Schenker, edd. A Companion to Greek Literature (Blackwell, 2016). 

“Sponsors and Enemies of Literature,” in Schenker and Hose, edd. A Companion to Greek Literature (Blackwell, 2016) 310-21.

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