Kathleen Warner Slane
Professor Emerita of Art and Archaeology

Roman Art and Archaeology

  • AHA 3410: Roman Art and Archaeology
  • AHA 4005/7005: Topics: Death and Dying in Antiquity
  • AHA 4005/7005: Topics: Hellenistic Mediterranean
  • AHA 4005/7005: Topics: Roman Tombs and Burial Customs
  • AHA 4420/7420: Minor Arts of Antiquity
  • AHA 4440/7440 Roman Architecture
  • AHA 4460/7460: Roman Sculpture
  • AHA 8110: Introduction to Graduate Study
  • AHA 8420: Seminar in Roman Art and Archaeology
    • Roman Painting (Winter 2002)
    • Jalame and other Eastern Provincial Sites (Winter 2004)
    • Archaeology of Delos (Winter 2006)
    • Interpretation of Roman Pottery: east of the Theater (Spring 2008)
    • Roman “ideal sculpture:” ancient settings and archaeological contexts (Spring 2010)
    • Fundamentals of Roman Pottery (Winter 2012)
Select Publications


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